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Why We ?

We have a team of consultants, who have worked in the industry with the leaders of hospitality, each carrying 15+ years of experience 

We have experts from each division of the hotel

Eg; Food and Beverage, Kitchen, Training , Marketing , IT Expert 

This makes us unique and most effective when offering solutions.

360 Solutions

Not just restaurant, But..

Our scope of work is not limited to Restaurant but has a larger range 

Services We Offer

We offers a long list of hospitality consulting services. We can help develop new restaurant concepts, plan restaurant operations, create restaurant business plans, oversee menu management, implement brand strategies, create marketing strategies and conduct employee searches

Concept Development

Restaurant or bar concepts don’t create or develop themselves. There is a methodology behind this process that will help you eliminate mistakes and bad practices. A consultant will do their due diligence from food and beverage direction, actual restaurant concept, and design to ensuring that your investment is sustainable and makes financial sense

Recruitment & Training

With dedicated in-house recruitment teams catering for all types of hospitality, ranging from chef jobs to reception, food and beverage to housekeeping and all within hotels, pubs, restaurants and Michelin star kitchens

Kitchen & Dining Layout

The first space to think about is your kitchen. It should take up about 30-40% of your space. While this may seem like a lot of space, it is the central part of your restaurant. Without your kitchen, you have nothing. Start here when planning your layout

Menu Engineering

By simply having a menu that is designed in a particular way, you can increase your profits by up to 5%. If you want to maximize a business’ profitability, you can use the technique of menu engineering. The process is complex and can take time, but when it’s implemented it can have a significant impact

SOP and Audits

Restaurant Operating procedures are as important as your brand and the food you serve.  You probably spend countless hours deciding on the menu and decor, or choosing the right employees; but do you have standard operating procedures in your restaurant?

If not, It’s time now

Revenue & Promotions

Restaurant promotions can get more guests through your doors and more dollars in your tills. But just running a promotion for the sake of it or at random doesn’t guarantee success for your restaurant. You’ll want to have a look at the data and choose a promotion that will fit both your business and your guests.

Fortunately, we’re here to help

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Tabrez Alam


The first rule of opening any business is to make sure you are offering a product or service your customers want to buy at a price they think is a good value. If you expect people to spend their hard earned cash in your restaurant, you have to give them what THEY want, not what you want to give them. A little humility and a smile doesn’t hurt either. If you can’t be hospitable in the restaurant business, you can’t be a successful restaurant owner.

I am the Founder of 360 Hospitality Consultant Service and I am here with my team to help you succeed in your business.

Amit Kandwal


three steps to success

Its as easy as 1-2-3 and ready

All you need is a dream and have it shared with us and we take care of the rest


Think of your business vision

Before you get started, take time to brainstorm what your restaurant means to you. Why did you open it? What beliefs impact your decision making?


Have the financial planned

Depending on your vision, next milestone is financials and this may vary from few hundred thousands to millions 


Explain it to us

Send us the details and we take over from the rest, have a trip abroad and your restaurant is ready when you are back 

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