4 areas where artificial intelligence will affect food industry the most

4 areas where artificial intelligence will affect food industry the most

Let fist understand what is AI (Artificial Intelligence), in simple words AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.

Does it mean it will lead to job loss for a lot of food and beverage industry professionals?  We don’t know yet but there are definitely some strong sign cannot go unnoticed, let’s talk about the 4 area of food and beverage industry where it will have the maximum impact

AI in Kitchen – This was one area which was always ruled by chefs but now chefs are already leaning to work with machine

Burger Flipper is a robotic arm which flips the burger to almost 100% accuracy and it can definitely work from the opening till closing of the kitchen without a break. Robots don’t need much space in the kitchen, so we might see smaller kitchen with more production, less accidents and accuracy to almost 100%

Salad maker robot “SALLY” is another example of replacing chefs, but kitchen is an area where continuous creativity is required so chances of human and robots coexistence are high.

AI in service area – This area will be largely affected as post COVID-19 we are already observing less human interaction is preferred.

Robots are not only fast but also accurate and consistent, and they can do everything a human in a restaurant would do, be it talking to customer or explaining they can even read facial expression and anticipate what customer may order, and can offer recommendations.

KFC and Baidu is developing robot which used facial expression technology and anticipate their food order, so you might be ordering your KFC soon to a robot

There are number of restaurants around the world have introduced robots for service in the restaurant, and they are growing more and more and “AMAZON GO” let’s not forget they are already testing retail shops and restaurants which are human less.


Bartenders and Baristas, how about you? It may not sound very pleasing to you but “YANU” is the first portable, fully autonomous bartending units that utilize unique AI technology to make the process of serving drinks more efficient and precise. The futuristic robotic bartender takes order, process payment, mixes and serves cocktails and all of this without any human input

“BRIGGO” is using robotic barista to make coffee and their owner claims it’s more cost effective in long run

AI in Food delivery- AI will definitely come looking for you; in fact they are already here

Dominos is in talk with “FLIRTY “ a drone company to deliver pizzas using food delivery drones, Kiwi has designed tiny buggy style electric robots that rolls along city walk at about 4 miles per hour and deliver food.


We are in 2020 and there is already so much happening, other than food and beverage FLYZOO Hotel in China was built by Alibaba uses facial recognition tech and robots and Marriott in China is in talk with Alibaba for robotic hotel and a lot more happening around the world, a decade from now we might see a different Food and Beverage/ Hospitality, Does it mean loss of a lot of jobs? What do you think?

Please share you views if this will take many jobs away from human, but the good news is

“Creativity is a fundamental feature of human intelligence and a challenge for artificial intelligence”

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