Kitchen is the central part of your restaurant. Without your kitchen, you have nothing. Start here when planning your layout.

Kitchen & Dining Layout

Before you begin

Both area are equally imortant

In order for a successful restaurant to flourish, there are many parts that must work together to create a positive experience and end result for the consumer. Understanding the differences between front of house and back of house functions will significantly help your restaurant flow more effortlessly and increase efficiency.

Being knowledgeable about the parts of a restaurant, the breakdown between front of house and back of house, along with the specific role of its employee is an important concept to grasp when working in the hospitality industry.

There are many things to be looked into when deciding the kitchen and dining layout, one missing thing can be a game changes

we consider all part of kitchen and dining area

Dining Room (Front of the House)

These locations are where all the interaction with your guests will occur. Keeping these areas clean and orderly should be a top priority. Any staff member who enters front of house locations should be on their best behavior because they are representing your establishment.

  • Entry
  • Waiting Area 
  • Welcome Desk
  • Rest Rooms 
  • Bar (If any)
  • Dinning Area
  • Side Stations 


Kitchen Area (Back of the House)

Rater back of the house,The back of the house, also known as the BOH, encompasses all the behind-the-scenes areas that customers will not see. This acts as the central command center in a restaurant because it’s where the food is prepared, cooked, and plated before making its way to the customer’s table.

The BOH generally includes 

  • Kitchen
  • Storage area 
  • Dish Washing Area 
  • Locker Room
  • Office 


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