Menu is just not a list of items 

Menu engineering

Menu Engineering if done right can increase your sale upto 20%

60% restaurant don't do

you have a choice to join the group of 60% or dot it right and increase the profit . If second id the option you are choosing we can definitely help you maximizing revenue and profit, remember, your Menu is immediately the best marketing tool you can take advantage of to increase your sales. Menu engineering ensures you get the most of your sales opportunities.

So what is menu engineering

key to 20% extra profit

  1. Cost your menu. (You can’t skip this step!)
  2. Categorize menu items according to profit and popularity levels.
  3. Design your menu.
  4. Test your new menu design.

1. Cost your menu

“Costing a menu” refers to the process of breaking down every item on your menu to its individual ingredients and determining exactly how much it costs to create each of these items. Establishments absolutely must cost their menu to the penny for food (not labor) costs because the engineering process depends heavily on the profitability level of each menu item


2. Categorize menu items according to profit and popularity levels

The process of categorizing each of your menu items will allow you to determine how to apply your menu-engineering efforts. This process can be broken into three parts:

a. Split your menu into “categories” and “sections”

b. Place each of your menu items into one of four quadrants

  • Stars—high profitability and high popularity
  • Plow-horses—low profitability and high popularity
  • Puzzles—high profitability and low popularity
  • Dogs—low profitability and low popularity

c. Determine the fate of menu items in each of the four quadrants

  • Stars—This is easy. Your menu should highlight your Stars.
  • Plow-horses—You may want to create more profitable versions of these menu items. For instance, soup-and-salad specials often fall into this category, and you might try turning such a special into a more profitable three-salad sampler.
  • Puzzles—Make sure your servers are promoting these items and investigate whether customers like the taste of the items in question. Sometimes simply lowering prices will increase sales volume enough to produce higher overall profits, and you also may want to consider reinventing items in this category.
  • Dogs—While omitting such items may be an option, you can’t necessarily omit everything in this category (just think of a grilled cheese sandwich that is a staple among your youngest customers). Your best option may sometimes be to deemphasize these items by simply listing their title and prices on your menu and not putting any further effort into their promotion


Once you have worked through this step, your menu-engineering goals are in place and you are ready to begin the menu design phase.

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