Worth investing time and money

Promotion and marketing

the key driver of business

only the right promotion works

Restaurant owners are a special breed. You often work more hours in your business than on your business.  You do it all, from menu planning to accounting to customer service, you know what it takes to run a successful restaurant. But, in the midst of doing all you might forget the most important part – Promotion and Marketing 

Without strategy, everything else is just noise

either you do it right or don't do it at all

Restaurant marketing has become much more complicated in the past few years.

Those in charge promotions and generating new business at restaurants face both tough and interesting challenges. People looking to fill their stomachs now have a dizzying array of possible options, and restaurants must compete for customer attention beyond location.

Few strategies

  1. Add reservation links to Google Business
  2. Work on presentation of dishes so they are Instagrammable
  3. Improve local discovery online
  4. Use the restaurant marketing framework
  5. Send email marketing that actually works
  6. Focus on loyalty
  7. Collect and use guest data AND USE THEM FOR PROMOTION
  8. Social Media – well that’s the biggest elephant in the room, DONT MISS IT-get people engaged with live social media stories
  9. Various promotional apps are available, REGISTER YOUR PROMOTION
  10. Have the right promotion 
  11.  Don’t do what you want but – WHAT YOUR CUSTOMER WANT 
  12. Offering discount is old school but WORKS REALLY WELL
  13. Give customer an experience, not just meal
  14. Encourage and/or incentivize online reviews and respond to each review
  15. Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads- IT ALL WORKS 
  16. Using Influencer is a trend , GO FOR IT  

Above are few from the list of many, not everything fits everywhere, in fact each restaurant follow a unique promotional and marketing strategy based on WHO THEY REALLY ARE 

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