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Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs, are a set of written practices and procedures which an establishment follows in its daily operations. Think of SOPs as a script that you and your staff have to follow while conducting business. When implemented successfully, it reduces any chance of unfortunate incidents between the staff and the customers.

Restaurant SOPs cover not only food handling procedures, but also front of house operations. Here are some pointers to help you get a better idea

t is statistically proven that 15% of the accidents that occur at a restaurant happen due to mismanagement and lack of care

only an expert can develop SOP

Your restaurant must have written Standard Operating Procedures for safe food handling. Health regulations require it. An overall SOP that covers all aspects of your business, from meeting and greeting to taking orders and processing payments, can be a means to satisfy customers on time, the same way, every time. It removes employee guesswork about how tasks are to be performed, improving productivity, efficiency and teamwork while providing a base for evaluating performance and making improvements.

It should cover all the area and each task, broadly explaining, below are the key areas to cover 

a)Standard Recipes And Food Preparation Methods

This section of your restaurant SOP would contain the basic guidelines and protocol to prevent your customers from getting a food-borne disease or any other illness due to spoilt food. The preparation protocol indicates the rules for particular dishes as well. 

b) Food Presentation

The service standards of casual dining, a retro bar, and a fine dining restaurant will all be different. A restaurant needs to be able to define these standards to work the most efficiently. 

c) Food Storage

A restaurant needs to be able to store their food and maintain a proper inventory. This would require adequate training for your staff to minimize wastage. A detailed set of instructions could help massively with how you want to store your food. Y

(ii) Customer Service Standards

Having restaurant SOP for customer service is essential as it would help you set a guideline to exactly how the customers need to be served. 

a) Greeting And Seating

 A restaurant needs to set a specific time within which the customer is well seated and greeted from the minute he/she enters your restaurant. The greeting parameters are how well the waiters attend your customers.

b) Order Taking, Serving, And Delivery Standards

The restaurant SOP must contain a set of rules related to the order delivery service. These set of rules include the estimated average time within which an order should be received by the customer and the formalities that need to be fulfilled by the delivery boy after delivering the food.

c) Billing And Final Settlement

Whether or not a company uses a POS to manage its sales, billing and other operations decide where the restaurants need to lay some basic rules related to the usage of POS.

d) Customer Complaint Management

A fond farewell is a primary need to grow your customer base. There are some gestures that you could work on to give your customers a little extra special touch while they are leaving. 

(iii) Equipment Handling – How To Use Microwave, Oven, etc.

The restaurant SOP must contain a separate instruction module on how to use kitchen equipment. Kitchen equipment at a restaurant are both costly and need extra care to be handled. 

(iv) Health & Hygiene Regulations 

Another essential factor to take care of is the maintenance of clean staff uniforms while on the premises of the restaurant. You must keep a separate budget for your staff uniforms, as they directly reflect on your brand. 

(v) Safety

The most important part of your restaurant SOP is the safety measures that you need to take while preparing and delivering your food. Employees must wear oven mitts while working in the kitchen and have in-depth knowledge of how to handle fire or accidents. 

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